March 25, 2023
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LIFE lessons most of us miss
Modern Women Get Sold A Lie Of Empowerment
Spiritual awakening will change your life forever.
life lessons in my 30s #shorts
Empowering Women in Hospitality
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LIFE lessons most of us miss Modern Women Get Sold A Lie Of Empowerment Spiritual awakening will change your life forever. life lessons in my 30s #shorts Empowering Women in Hospitality

What is Your Purpose in Life?


Self-improvement? What’s wrong with me right now?

Desire is the foreplay to the fulfillment of those dreams. If you can think it, you can have it! What do you want? by Dr.T.Johnson


Find and correct what is stopping you and learn to apply the key secrets to success. Set
yourself free!
You had no choice. Self-improvement is for monks and saints, right? The whole system is
against you, so relax. Everything around us is keyed to keeping us as part of the herd.
I’ve had that knife of failure in my gut too.
Speaking of pain, we don’t just suffer emotional pain. How does stress affect health? It affects everything.
You’ve read all the get rich material. You’ve scoured bookshelves and garage sales looking for books to answer the one question that has haunted you for years. “Why am I not where I want to be financially, mentally or spiritually?”
Something inside of you is screaming to find the answer. Why have things turned out as poorly as they have?
Your heart is yearning desperately for more, isn’t it? Something is calling you to be better, hell, you’re heart is screaming for greatness. If confusion is fighting with desperation for top spot in your throbbing heart, it’s ok.
The feeling of self-disgust dogged me for years. Brief moments of elation quickly fizzled into new feelings of total despair.
Take heart. The answer is right in front of you. Never before in the history of man has the
possibility of wealth and happiness been within the easy grasp of so many.
Take a moment to let go of the pain and fear. It’s over. Release the symptoms of stress.
There is a way out of this mess that society and life have gotten you into. There is no magic
involved or great complexity. You already have the basics of what you need. All that is lacking is basic self-improvement.
These three simple words can work miracles but, first, lets clear away some smoke.
Most of us don’t read much yet that’s where our dreams lie. We want to develop lightening
reading speed and a catchall capacity to understand.

Self-improvement? What’s wrong with me right now?

Wouldn’t it be a shame to have this great intellect developed and then be stuck in a creaky,
miserable body? Developing radiant health will be your next goal.
Developing a terrific memory, one that is selective. That’s our next step.
“All the good ideas have been taken,” you say.
Ever been visiting somewhere and you were asked to go into the kitchen for the salt shaker or something similar? Even though you had been told exactly where it was, someone had to get it because you couldn’t see it even when it turns out that it had been right in front of your nose.
If my consciousness can filter out cars, what could it be missing at this moment? What new
avenues to explore, what opportunities and what great relationships?
It seems that electricity didn’t exist until someone discovered it. Of course, it was always there.
There are incredible ways of increasing your imagination and creativity. Pursue these forms of self-improvement passionately.
Your body is the vehicle you will use to explore and prosper and be joyful in. There are many, fun, easy ways to get fit. The benefits are many.rosa-382639_640
Time. We seem to have so little of it. Once your life is full of wealth and health, you don’t want to be stuck in a quicksand of appointments, schedules and other time killers.
Self-improvement never ends. Learning time management will not only propel you on rockets of efficiency, but it will lay the groundwork for you to build a balanced life full of pleasure, abundance and happiness.
All of our brains are capable of creating incredible things. Let your ideas come from a memory that is like a steel trap that is fed from a mind that reads with lightning speed.
Develop your body to the level most enjoyable to YOU. Enjoy the life you want with your time managed efficiently.
Life full of abundance and health is so much more enjoyable when there are more hours of the day than things to do. Learn to be stingy with work and generous with your time. Let
self-improvement be a life long joy for you. Letting yourself decline is how stress affect your overall health.
Erase the term “good enough” from your vocabulary. Raise the bar as high and as often as you want.

Self-improvement? What’s wrong with me right now?

You decide. How much can you dream?

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